Skibiking For Beginners

Skibiking for beginners may seem quite intimidating for someone who is new to the sport. After all, the skibike is not something that you will see every day. It looks weird and difficult to control. It can be a daunting sport to learn and master.

However, once you get past the basic lessons, you will realise just how easy it is to ride a skibike. In fact, it is perceived to be easier compared to learning how to ski or ride a snowboard. It is easier to maneuver and you will less likely to feel hurt if ever you make a mistake.

Riding skibikes for the first time

So what is skibiking for beginners like?

Riding the skibike is just like riding a bike. However, there will be no wheels and pedals. You will still have the handlebars to help you control the skibike and you have the foot skis to help you balance. You will also sit on an extra long seat. For safety reasons, and since it is your first time, you might want to use a helmet for protection.

According to first-time riders, they learn in an hour the same proficiency as what first-time skiers and snowboarders learn in a day. That is how easy you can learn the skill. You just have to get past the natural aversion of riding something totally different from what you are accustomed to.

The truth is, skibiking for beginners can be a lot of fun. Your mistakes will not make you fall down on your butt and make your knees stiff. Your weight will be on the bike – not your legs. You will also find a skibike easier to navigate down the slope. You have the skis, foot skis and handlebars to use in controlling the skibike. That means you will feel more confident since you have more control.

Maneuvering the skibike is a lot like skiing. You need to steer up the hill for you to slow down. You also have to dig in an edge if you want to stop. The good thing here is that the handlebars will give you more steering control – which can come in handy since skibikes can go really fast – up to 106 mph.

When choosing a slope, make sure to take the gentle slope first. Pay attention to where you should lean or place your body weight since it helps control the speed of the skibike. You do not even have to go downhill immediately. You can traverse across the slope to get a feel of the skibike first.

Important tips when learning skibiking

Here are important tips about skibiking for beginners.

  • Have the right equipment. You need to dress properly, have the right footwear and the right protection. Your skibike should also be the correct one.
  • Learn how to ride the lift. Part of your first lesson will be how to ride the lift with your bike. You are carrying a bigger equipment after all – a 25 to 35-pound skibike. Make sure you know how to carry it while you are going up on a lift.
  • Carry your bike properly. This is true, not just on the lift, but also when you are walking to getting into place on the slope.
  • Know the proper etiquette. There are other people on the slope. Make sure you know the courtesy rules and follow them to avoid getting into a collision or accident with the other skibike riders, skiers or snowboarders.
  • Start with the basic sitting position. As mentioned, you need to use your weight to help you control the speed of the bike as you go downhill. Your posture and position while on the skibike will help you with this.
  • Learn how to go uphill while carrying the skibike. There may be times when you do not have to go on a lift or it is not available. You need to learn how to carry your skibike properly.
  • Identify the skills you need to learn. As a beginner, you need to learn how to traverse the slope, turn the bike and where to place your weight.
  • Understand the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Do not focus too much on the skills. You have to pay attention to the mistakes that you will make so you can avoid them.

These are only some of the tips that can be used as you learn skibiking for beginners. Make sure you put your trust in the right expert that will teach you the rules of the sport. Listen well and follow the instructions – no matter how different it might be at first.