Ski-Bobbing Or Ski-Biking Today

If you are interested in ski-biking today, you need to know what is happening to the sport nowadays. This is how you can find the places where you can use a ski-bike and also the different options that you have to enjoy the sport.

What is going on in Ski-Biking today?

A ski-bike is also known as a snowbike, a snowcycle, ski bob, or even slopecycles. It really depends on where you heard it first but it really pays to familiarise yourself with how these are called.

Snowbikes were originally introduced as a commercial product by EngelbertBrenter. We call these ski-bikes as the BrenterSnowbike. Although this type of transport was used in the Alps since the 1890’s, Brenter was the first one to patent the design.

What you have to understand is that although they have the term “bike” – these are far from what the traditional bikes look like. Instead of wheels, you will find a pair of skis. The rider will also be required to wear foot skis to help them control the bike.

Obviously, this is a game that you will only enjoy during the winter time. It is also best used when you want to go downhill. That means if you want to try ski-biking today, you have to find a ski resort that will allow you to use your ski-bike. Most of the time, resorts have a separate slope for ski-bikers.

It is not really known why only a few resorts allow ski-bikes to be used. It is probably because skiing is still the preferred way of their guests to go downhill. Maybe it is also because it is harder to lift ski-bikes uphill.

Fortunately for you, recent years have seen a comeback for ski-bobbing. There are more resorts that accept ski-bikers than before. There are even resorts that offer rentals. Before you book a resort, make sure you understand their policy when it comes to ski-biking today. There are resorts that will only give you restricted access so make yourself aware of the rules.

While these changes are happening with resorts all over the world, the competitions are still going on. It is still held in Europe and the US – although the number of participants and the popularity is not as much as skiing or snowboarding competitions. The rules for all are actually quite the same. They use control gates and the races are also timed. There are also “extreme” and “high speed” competitions. The current world record is more than 120 mph.

Different types of ski-bikes

If you want to go ski-biking today, you need to be aware of your options. Here are the different ski-bikes being manufactured and used today.


This is the ski-bike that uses skis for the base. The rider is usually fitted with foot-skis too. This can only be used by the rider while sitting.


This is a ski-bike that also uses skis instead of wheels. However, this does not have foot-skis. Instead, the bike has foot-pegs. The rider can stand or sit – depending on how it is controlled. The rider usually wears snowboard boots or any pair of winter boots.


This is a bike that uses a board instead of skis. These are usually ridden while standing – quite similar to a scooter.


These are usually ski-bikes that are already modified – or home-made. This is typically used for extreme sports.