Ski Bike Festivals

Attending ski bike festivals will help you take your skills up a notch. If you are serious about ski-biking, it is important for you to attend one of these festivals.

What happens during ski bike festivals?

But what exactly happens during ski-biking festivals? Well, that really depends on the specific festival that you will attend. The schedule of activities usually vary. Not only that, the specific activities may also be different.

In most cases, major ski-bike manufacturers will be present to display the latest models. You can take a look at the updated ski-bikes and see if you can probably purchase your own or update what you currently have.

Of course, there will always be a race. Most festivals attract the best of the best in the sport and they usually compete against each other. If you want, you can also join in to see how you fare against fellow lovers of the sport.

Organisers of these festivals also make sure that every attendee will get something positive or worthwhile from the event. This means you can expect workshops and demonstrations that are meant to help you improve your skills in ski-biking.

Attending ski bike festivals will also help you build your network of friends who love the same sport as you do. Building these connections will make ski-biking more fun. You can schedule trips together, exchange ideas, and help each other as you all indulge in your favourite sport.

What are the famous ski bike festivals?

Now that you understand why these festivals are important, here are some of the events that you can go to. These usually happen on a yearly basis so if you missed the festival this year, do not fret. There is bound to be another one next year and every year in the future.

Durango Ski Bike Festival

This is actually described as the mother of all the other ski bike festivals. This is considered to be the biggest event for ski-bikers in the US. It is usually held at the Durango Mountain Resort in the southwest portion of Colorado. There will be ski-bike manufacturers in attendance to show the best of the ski-bikes. There are also the Durango Mountain Resorts Ski School that attendees can participate in to hone their ski-biking skills.

Hoodoo Ski Bike Festival

This festival takes place in Hoodoo Mountain in Oregon. Usually, the festival concentrates on demonstrations by professional ski-bikers. Of course, there will also be a race that both amateurs and professionals can join. You need your ski bike certification if you want to participate in the main events of the festival. There are usually ski-bike rentals available for those who just want to try the sport.

These two ski bike festivals usually happen during late winter or early spring. Feel free to join in so you can take your love for the sport and your skills to the next level.